Safety guidelines for Girls

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If your ad has been placed on this site without your consent or knowledge, you can write a complaint to

We will immidiately take off your details from the site. Please send us details about the ad with your complaint.

Please follow these guidelines for your safety.

Never enter your personal details, such as phone number, address, other contact information in the comments area. If we ask you for such information, it will be kept hidden from all users. Your details will not be given out to anyone.

Never ever try to meet anyone in lonely places. Always pick crowded areas, such as malls, restaurants, etc. if you are going to meet someone for the first time.

Never ever have sex without a condom; AIDS and other sexually transmitted deseases are spreading fast.

Never meet more than one or two persons at a time. If you are going to meet more than two people, make sure you have someone else with you.

Always let a friend know about your where abouts. Just in case you get into trouble, your friend will turn out to be invaluable help for you.

Always keep in touch with your friend, and make sure he/she keeps in touch with you when you are out on a 'mission'!

Use common sense. Money is not everything; safety must come first. Make sure you are safe in all and any kind of situation.

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