Now that you know you are going to take the Smart Step, you will also want to know what it costs, and what we do for you. Right? Good, Way to go! It is your right to know that, and also good business practice. Always make sure what EXACTLY you will get, and what you won't get. If you are paying money for something, then that product better be what you paid for.

As you may already know that the DesiLadki site has a hit rate of over 20 million per month. We are very much customer oriented, so we have set a list of rules for advertizing. We are not here to make money by ripping people, so our advertizing rates are also very low compared to other sites.

Our advertizing terms are as follows:

  1. If you have advertized with us for 12 months (365 days) you are entitled to ONE (1) free month of advertizing.

  2. Currently we have 2 options for your advertizing needs

    • Your banner on all pages.

    • Your banner on limited pages.

  3. Payments must be made by certified check or cashiers check. No exceptions. If you pay by any other means, it will not be accepted.

  4. Rate:

    • 1 banner - US $300.00 per month (any page except the daily specials or main page)
    • 2 banners - US $500.00 per month (any page except the daily specials or main page)
    • 3 banners - US US $650.00 per month (any page except the daily specials or main page)
    • 1 banner on the daily specials page - US $1000.00 per month
    • 1 banner on main page - US $1500.00 per month
    • Unlimited plan - only your banners, no other advertizer. - US $10,000 per month
    • (these rates may change without notice). Management revises these rates on the 28th of each month so that customers can be notified in advance. Customers who continue with us, will not be affected by any change in price. They will still pay what they were originally paying.

  5. Banners can only be placed on exisiting pages. Pop Up windows are NOT allowed.

  6. Banners must not be larger than 600x40 pixels, or 100x100 pixels. You provide us with the banners that you want to use. We will put the banner on our site and make the required number of links that you want. (Banners that are on your site can also be linked to.) If you dont have a banner, we will make one for you, free of charge (only applies to full year subscription).

  7. You must tell us what page(s) you want your banner(s) placed on.

  8. The site that you advertize must NOT have any of the following:

    • child pornography.
    • racism.
    • hatred.
    • bomb making plans and such illegal stuff.
    • cruelty to animals.
    • instructions on how to commit suicide.
    • instructions on how to create mass destruction.
    • instructions on how to kill humans.
    • instructions on how to damage any sort of property.
    • instructions on how to harm the human race.
    • instructions on how to scam people or the system.
    • other items may be added without notice.

  9. Any intent of fraud will result in cancellation of advertizing terms, AND no money will be refunded. It is your duty to go by these rules as long as you are advertizing on the DesiLadki.Com site.

  10. If you want to contact us regarding advertising at DesiLadki, then please email

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